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Movie Title :Sugar Boxx

Sugar State Women’s Prison. An Everglades hellhole where innocent girls are forced to slave in the swamps by day then turn tricks for the warden by night. A prison camp where corruption, brutality, and sexual abuse are all part of the daily routine. But when reporter Valerie March goes undercover inside Sugar State, that’s when the powder keg really explodes! Follow Valerie through prison life catfights, knife fights, rape, whippings, prostitution, and the “hot box” before she and her fellow inmates take bloody, unforgettable revenge on their captors. Inspired by the great womeninprison films of the past, SUGAR BOXX takes everything one step further… SUGAR BOXX has it all! SUGAR BOXX stars Geneviere Anderson (CSI Miami) as the smartass reporter, Kitten Natividad (Russ Meyer’s UP!) as the lusty matron, and The’la “Rain” Brown (Flavor Of Love) as a hilariously foulmouthed hooker. Also features Tura Satana (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!), Jack Hill (writerdirector Foxy Brown, Coffy), and Jacqueline Scott (Charley Varrick, Macabre). Original music by Johnnie Rotten Jr featuring Steven Adler (GunsNRoses) and Chip Z’Nuff (Adler’s Appetite). Written by Tropico Corporation

Movie Year : 2009

Movie Genres : Crime

ImdbRating : 3.50

Prisoners. Hookers. Machetes… Revenge!

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Movie Actors : Geneviere Anderson:Valerie March
Ellie Arket:Ranch Hooker #2
Rainbow Borden:Elmer Lee Fish
Thela Brown:Loretta Sims
Larry Carroll:Prince Albert
Vanessa Chidsey:Street Hooker #2
Darin Cooper:Captain Greene
Johnny Cornwell:Buddy
April Custodio:Street Hooker #1
Julianna David:Debbie-Lynn
Athena Demos:Rita
Linda Dona:Warden Beverly Buckner
Jayme Rhae Edwards:Cheryl Jean McGossard
Nick Eldredge:Sheriff Toll
Michael Gerald:Mister Tibbs
Joe Goodman:Ed Strickland
Jerry Hayden:Tex Arnley
Jack Hill:Judge
Jack Hunter:Gilbert Sackry
Cody Jarrett:Young Shirtless Man

Movie Directors : Cody Jarrett

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