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Movie Title :Fingerprints

Haunted railroad tracks lead a troubled teenager to discover the horrifying truth hidden in a small Texas town.

Movie Year : 2006

Movie Genres : Mystery

ImdbRating : 7.10

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Movie Actors : Leah Pipes:Melanie
Kristin Cavallari:Crystal
Josh Henderson:Mitch
Andrew Lawrence:Penn
Lou Diamond Phillips:Doug
Sally Kirkland:Mary
Geoffrey Lewis:Keeler
Ginger Gilmartin:Bethany
Glen Jensen:Kowalski
Morgan Brown:Reynolds (as Morgan Brown III)
Sydnee Harlan:Julie
Ashley Wyatt:Carolyn
Ben Hall:Mr. Pearl
Dylan Cox:Shawn
Gracie Veneklasen:Little Mary
Kelsey Frederickson:Jessica
Justine Basil:Emily
Ty Oliver:Chuck
Luka Apt:Luke (uncredited)
J.R. Cooke:Cop #1 (uncredited)

Movie Directors : Harry Basil

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