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Movie Title :Omen, The

When the Vatican observatory priest sees the appearance of a comet, the Church is sure that it confirms the eve of the Armageddon. Meanwhile, the USA President’s godson Robert Thorn is informed in the maternity in Rome by Father Spiletto that his wife Katherine has just lost her baby and she had troubles with her uterus and would not have another pregnancy. Spiletto suggests Robert that another just born child that lost her mother could be the substituted for his son, and Robert accepts the child and gives the name of Damien. Robert is promoted to ambassador in London after a tragic accident. When Damien’s nanny commits suicide in his birthday party, a substitute, Mrs. Baylock, comes to work and live with the family. Along the years, Katherine realizes that Damien is evil, while Robert is contacted by Father Brennan, who tells him that Damien is the son of devil. When the priest dies in a bizarre accident, the photographer Keith Jennings shows evidences to Robert that the boy is the Antichrist. They travel to the town of Megiddo to learn how the boy can be stopped.

Movie Year : 2006

Movie Genres : Horror

ImdbRating : 5.40

His Day Will Come
From the eternal sea he rises. Creating armies on either shore. Turning man against his brother. Until man exists no more.
The prophecy is clear. The signs are unmistakable. On the 6th day of the 6th month in the year 2006 his day will come.

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Movie Actors : Predrag Bjelac:Vatican Observatory Priest (as Pedja Bjelac)
Carlo Sabatini:Cardinal Fabretti
Bohumil Svarc:Pope
Liev Schreiber:Robert Thorn
Giovanni Lombardo Radice:Father Spiletto
Baby Zikova:Damien – Newborn
Baby Morvas:Damien – Newborn
Baby Muller:Damien – Newborn
Baby Litera:Damien – Newborn
Julia Stiles:Katherine Thorn
Tomas Wooler:Damien – 2 Years Old (as Tomas Wooller)
Rafael Sallas:Rome Embassy Marine
Marshall Cupp:Ambassador Steven Haines
Martin Hindy:Haines' Limo Driver (as Martin 'Mako' Hindy)
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick:Damien Thorn
Amy Huck:Nanny
Vince Valitutti:Birthday Party Photographer
David Thewlis:Keith Jennings
Klara Low:Mom at Birthday Party
Laurie Tallack:Tabloid Reporter #1

Movie Directors : John Moore

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