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Movie Title :Animal 2

Film star Ving Rhames reprises the title role in this follow up to 2005’s ANIMAL. Years after being shot by his eldest son Darius (previously played by Terrence Howard) and taking the fall for his crimes, former gangster James “Animal” Allen (Ving Rhames) serves a life sentence at Folsom Prison. When a riot breaks out between the Blacks and Mexicans, Animal is transferred to Susanville Prison. While serving his time, Animal learns that his son, James Jr.(K.C. Collins), is framed for murder and the one responsible for calling the shots is on the inside. He is blackmailed and forced to return to his dark past as a fighter in order to save his son. On the outside, Darius (played by Vicellous Reon Shannon), now a reformed man, maintains his relationship with his father and does everything in his power with the help of his lawyer to gather enough evidence to clear James Jr’s name.

Movie Year : 2007

Movie Genres : Action

ImdbRating : 4.50

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Movie Actors : Ving Rhames:Animal
Vicellous Reon Shannon:Darius (as Vicellous Shannon)
Richard Waugh:Warden Zemer
Yannick Bisson:Dillen
Deborah Valente:Kate
Conrad Dunn:Kasada
Benz Antoine:Captain Ellis
K.C. Collins:James Jr
Kedar Brown:Lou (as Kedar)
Kevin Duhaney:Tommy
Michael Miller:Ant
Clé Bennett:Twist
Stephen R. Hart:Inmate 2 (as Stephen Hart)
Odeen Eccleston:Young Woman
Jana Williams:Receptionist
Merwin Mondesir:Scarface
James Maquade:Guard 1
Moses Nyarko:Ralo
Jay Hunter:Silk
Balford Gordon:Inmate 4

Movie Directors : Ryan Combs

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