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Movie 2011 year.

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Some about this Movie : Raquelle is always making Barbies life difficult but when Ken is kidnapped by a fairy who wants to marry him, Barbie and Raquelle put their differences aside and join forces to rescue him. A fairy, Princess Graciela, has been placed under a love spell by another fairy Crystal, who is in love with her boyfriend Zane and has devised this plan to separate them. Her plan may actually work, except Barbie discovers her friends Carrie and Taylor are also fairies and enlists their help to enter this parallelfairy world, Gloss Angeles.
When the girls arrive, they are captured by Graciellas guards and held captive in a dungeon. Barbie and Raquelle finally talk and learn that there animosity towards each other all stems from a misunderstanding, as the girls apologize to each other and hug, something magical happens, Barbie and Raquelle suddenly have wings and the cage is gone. The girls are free to rescue Ken and straighten things out.

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